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High School Foreign Language Credit


If your child is interested in learning sign language, consider enrolling them in our home school solution for second language credit. Colleges like to see proficiency in a foreign language and several U.S. universities accept American Sign Language credit to meet their foreign-language requirements (be sure to check your college of interest). ASL is an incredibly useful and impressive skill, currently recognized as an official language in 41 countries around the world!

Our specially trained fluent instructors offer guidance as practice partners or provide whole semester curriculum and tutoring. Sign language instruction is always engaging and stress-free. This guarantees fun and motivating lessons.

List of States Recognizing ASL

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  • Instruction for individual or group

  • Affordable

  • Coursework materials provided

  • Graded assignments and instructor feedback

  • Practice partner hours

  • Complete flexibility regarding timetable

  • Transcripts

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