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Take a look at our trainings and discover how we can reach your goals together.

At ASLTI, we bring together a diverse group of individuals representing a variety of career paths, life experiences, and points of view. But we are all united by a common goal: getting people excited about sign language and bringing them a step closer to reaching their goals!

Our Method

How is our method of teaching different from other ways of learning?

What exactly is our method of teaching?

Our method of instruction lets you approach sign language naturally and get to the heart of learning quickly. For many learners, the time in our classes are the only opportunity in their day to experience the target language. We maximize on this exposure by providing a language-rich environment that prepares you for success in the real-world. In other words, in your sign language course you will see and sign your target language 90% of the time – which means you learn it naturally and your participation will increase in fluency, accuracy, and complexity over time. This immersive experience allows you to overcome any inhibitions about signing and encourages you to start applying your new skills in everyday situations from day one of learning.

How is this natural approach different from other ways of learning?

This method provides a systematic approach that focuses on meeting specific goals and draws on current research and innovations of successful second language acquisition. Our instructors also receive training, in addition to special learning strategies, that they apply to actively boost your self-confidence and motivation to learn sign language, encourage you to sign, and keep a firm focus on your personal goals.

How do I learn grammar and sentence structure?

Grammar and sentence structure are always learned in a communication- and topic-based context and internalized through structured practice. Emphasis is placed on input and exposure to meaningful language and sign comprehension and production are supported through context, gestures, and visual support. Our trainers make learning easy and stress-free while striking a balance between fluency and accuracy of expression.


Our Training Standard

You are in great hands from day one!

Our Training Standards include:

Support on your journey

Whether you're working toward personal achievement or professional advancement, we know that preparation and follow-up are key to your experience. As your continuing education partner for sign language, it's our goal to help you achieve success. We offer purposeful support in various ways throughout your courses.

High Training Quality

With several local training centers across Northern Vermont, and countless online campuses, ASLTI is represented across the country. You can expect the same high training standards and innovative materials everywhere.

ASLTI Instructors

The key to personal motivation and learning success is having a good teacher. That's why we hold our instructors to high standards. Our language instructors and advisors are fluent/native signers and some even have professional experience as interpreters working for governmental departments and abroad. Their initial training and continuing education are an integral part of our quality management.

Multiple Training Formats

In addition to onsite language instruction and workshops, we offer internet-based programs, or a blend of face-to-face learning and online instruction.

The Natural Approach

With the Natural Approach, your learning experience is active and stimulating from day one.

100% Practice-Based

Practice-based learning solutions help you immediately apply what you've learned in your daily life, letting you quickly see results and progress rapidly.

Learning Content

Content is completely learner-centered. You can select from our wide range of open-enrollment language courses and workshops, or choose customized instruction that focuses on your individual needs and topics of interest. The degree of customization is up to you!


Because your satisfaction is important to us, we have our work independently evaluated under an internal quality management team to ensure our services meet customer requirements and demonstrate continuous improvement.

Training Standad


Language competency in real life

Like all languages, it is not mastered easily beyond a basic level. Mastery requires extensive exposure and practice. We want you to have the proficiency to survive and thrive in authentic sign language experiences, whether it be in your home or neighborhood, at the store, or on a trip. That is why at the start of every language course, we assess your current level of proficiency and discuss your goals and the language level you are aiming to reach. From there we can provide you with the necessary guidance for success.​

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