Our Story

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How it all began...

ASL Training Institute was founded in 2018, by three passionate signers, who, after realizing the challenges people face when learning sign language and interacting with the deaf, became interested in helping others learn this beautiful form of communication. Together they launched ASLTI with a vision of making sign language accessible to anyone who wants to learn! They envision a world with less barriers and more connection.

Our founders' personal and professional journeys unite them as a diverse team, working collaboratively to help learners of all ages engage in this beautiful language and connect with Deaf and hard-of-hearing. They do this by creating fun, interactive and immersive lessons for real-life situations.

With over 48 million deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals across America, and approximately 90-95% of deaf children born to hearing parents who often don't know sign language, we believe that developing the right communication skills and cultural understanding are fundamental to break barriers and build bridges within our families and communities.

Our team loves sharing ASL! They have been gathering experience for 30 years combined through professional teaching and interpreting in a wide variety of settings. They strive to get people excited about sign language and communicating with the Deaf by bringing a fun and positive learning experience to the classroom! We're committed to accompanying learners on their personal and professional journeys and helping them to achieve their goals of learning ASL and making connections within our communities.

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