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Sign Language Club (18+)

A weekly (ASL) class to practice, improve, and maintain signing skills

  • 30 minutes
  • 10 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

This weekly ongoing course gives those learning sign language (ASL) an opportunity to improve their communication skills by signing with other learners of various skill levels while making new friends. An important key to learning a new language and becoming proficient is ... using the language! Is your student learning Sign Language (ASL)? Are they mastering both how to express themselves as well as understand others when they sign? We will practice story telling, discuss hobbies, everyday happenings, play games, all while improving our signing skills. Subjects for discussion or review will be based on teacher recommendation with learner input. Your learner will have opportunities to interact with others that share their interest and love of Sign Language. *All signing skill levels are welcome but some signing vocabulary is needed as half of the class will have no verbal speaking. **Please note: Since sign language is a visual language, students will need their camera on during the class so that the teacher can see if they are forming the correct hand shapes and facial expressions.