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Group classes

All group ASL classes

Have fun learning American Sign Language together!


Learning with others is fun and keeps you motivated while taking the plunge into learning American Sign Language. Our group classes will encourage interaction which fosters rapid progress and a relaxed atmosphere.

Choose from our group options below or contact us directly to find out how you can set up a private group class!

Instruction formats

Weekly courses - regular sign language instruction once a week

In our weekly courses, participants learn sign language in regular lessons online or at local Training Centers (when available or hosted). Instruction is geared toward the age of the participants. Younger learners are taught using age-appropriate exercises such as sign singing and fun games. Older learners are engaged through exciting stories, games and entertaining role-playing activities.

Regular instruction once a week allows course participants to stay in contact with sign language and deepen their knowledge step by step while still having fun.

Intensive sign language courses - online

In our intensive sign language courses, learners can have fun while learning something useful at the same time! Participants are engaged through entertaining projects and workshops that immerse them in sign language. We teach without pressure, so participants can have fun in a friendly environment. This enables learners to gain new confidence, stress-free. 

Group options

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Set up a private group class

Set up a private group for your kids and teens to learn together


Home school group

Students can learn together with an instructor with our home school solutions

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