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Upskill with targeted lessons


Online, Group, Self-paced, Tutor-led

Stay current and master new skills.

Expand your knowledge in specific areas

Develop practical language skills

Stack your skills to boost your learning and/or resume

100% online, learn your own pace

Upskill with Micro-Courses

Targeted learning in American Sign Language.

Pricing & Enroll

Earn a certificate you can build on.

  • Courses are stackable! The total number of lessons and hours you completed is indicated on your certificate, and this number updates each time you add another course.

  • Option to order a hard copy certificate mailed to you!

  • Demonstrate your commitment to lifelong learning - earn a new certificate for every ASLTI course you take!

Common Questions
Communicating with Sign Languages

Explore all courses

Discover our full portfolio of ASL development and advancement programs to support you in your learning journey!

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